Commercial Heat Meters

Large wr3 sensor


The Wr3 Ultrasonic Heat & Cooling Meter is accurate, reliable and precise meaning even the highest demands on the heating, cooling and combined energy supply can be met. The meter is split, allowing for installation in confined spaces. The flow sensors self-monitoring system is designed to detect sensor pollution.

  • Available as heat, cooling or combined heat/cooling meters
  • With optional Pulse, Mbus, or wireless Mbus
  • Two additional I/O in series
  • Any installation position (even overhead), integrated wall and rail mounting
  • Precise, long-term 11-year stable, wear free
  • Conforms to MID, Class 2

Product Range

Description Code
1" Commercial Heat Cooling Meter (3.5m3 per hour) SY103WR
1" Commercial Heat Cooling Meter (6m3 per hour) SY104WR
1¼" Commercial Heat Cooling Meter SY105WR
DN50 Flanged Commercial Heat Cooling Meter SY106WR