Contemporary Infrared Basin Tap

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Delivering water without contact with the tap is an ideal solution where hygiene and water economy is paramount, such as public toilets and washrooms. The tap is operated by the presence of the users hands being detected in front of the sensor, which activates a solenoid valve and delivers water. When the users hands are removed, the sensor closes the solenoid and the water is stopped immediately to prevent water waste .This tap has been designed for use with an approved Inta thermostatic mixing valve.

  • Battery life approximately 4 years with 150 operations per day
  • Battery and Mains operated versions available
  • Auto self closing tap, preventing water wastage
  • 6Ltr per minute flow regulator option available
  • 24 hour Anti-Stagnation flushing cycle
  • Infra Red Contactless operation
  • Copper Inlet Connection
  • Pre-set sensor range

Product Range

Description Code
Infrared contemporary basin mounted tap (battery operated) IR120CP1
Infrared contemporary basin mounted tap (mains operated) IR121CP1