ECO20 Wireless Underfloor Microclimate Control

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Intas innovative ECO20 is a wireless room thermostat which modulates the water temperature in underfloor heating according to the set and measured room temperature.

The wireless room stat uses a modulating motor to control the temperature of the underfloor circuit by increasing and decreasing the flow of hot water to the manifold. When the difference between the set and measured room temperature increases, the modulating motor opens, allowing the more hot water into the flow manifold to increase the temperature.

When the set room temperature is reached, the wireless room stat signals the modulating motor to close the flow of hot water to the flow manifold completely. If in this instance the relay of the modulating motor is connected to the boiler room thermostat contact, the boiler will shut off.

Energy is saved by modulating the water temperature of the underfloor circuit, as opposed to providing a constant blended feed, and by stopping the pump, (and boiler dependant on wiring arrangement), when there is no demand for heat.

  • Wireless thermostat controls the temperature of underfloor loops
  • Plug and play controller - no electrician required
  • Modulating thermostat regulates water temperature
  • Prevents the boiler and pump from firing if there is no call for heat
  • Prevents overshoot in room temperature
  • Features a seven day rolling programme
  • Optimises delta T between flow and return manifolds
  • Heats the room faster than a conventional system

Product Range

Description Code
ECO20 control pack for optimised UFH systems ECO20UFHCP
ECO20 RF series brass manifold connection set BMFCS220C