L Mix

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The Intatec range of 15 and 22mm thermostatic mixing valves is designed primarily for single outlet use.

Unlike T-pattern valves the hot and the mixed water ports are perpendicular, which reduces the need for pipework modifications and helps to save a significant amount of installation time - especially in retro fit application.

The element that controls the temperature of the mixed water discharging from the valve works proportionally on both hot and cold water supplies in order to maintain the temperature of the mixed water discharged.

  • One Piece Cartridge Construction for ease of maintenance
  • High flow rates with Low Pressure drops
  • 15mm & 22mm versions available
  • Robust and Reliable
  • Easy installation
  • Integral Check Valves and Strainers
  • Anti tamper proof head

Product Range

Description Code
Inta L Mix 15mm 60010CP
Inta L Mix 22mm 60011CP