Perfect Time Wall Mounted

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Perfect Time is part of Inta’s range of electronic time controlled faucets operated by “Piezo Technology”. The self closing fitting avoids the risk of taps being left on and together with that allows the user to open and close the faucet according to their needs.

With a 20 second factory preset, installation or maintenance staff can easily change this time manually according to the needs. Running time adjustment is not accessible to the end users. Inta can preset a different running time upon request.

  • Time controlled basin electronic tap activated by piezo switch
  • Battery powered
  • Filter included
  • Solid brass construction
  • To be used with cold or premixed water
  • Water will start to flow out of the tap when the user touches the upper cap
  • Water will stop automatically at the end of the present time or after the user touches the upper cap again
  • Running time is easily adjustable Deck and wall mounted options available

Product Range

Description Code
Perfect Time Wall Mounted (Battery Operated) with --- []. IR253CP
Perfect Time Wall Mounted (Mains Operated) with --- []. IR254CP