Smartsol Plus

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Inta’s Smartsol Plus solar controller is a differential controller for complex solar thermal plants for sanitary water heating and heating support. These units are ideal for systems consisting of up to two collector arrays or four cylinders. The Smartsol Plus controller has thirty pre-set hydraulic systems making commissioning quick and easy.

  • Improves system efficiency by up to 15% by forecasting sun radiation (saving primary energy) and efficient tank charge (saving pump current)
  • Full graphic colour display for clear and logical visualisation
  • Innovative operation concept for easy handling
  • Smart and time-saving wiring concept
  • Installation wizard for safe commissioning
  • Service wizard for targeted and quick customer service
  • Data logging for analysis and systematic plant optimisation
  • Attractive, slim-line modern design
  • Eight temperature sensor inputs
  • Four triac outputs*
  • Thirty pre-set hydraulic systems

Product Range

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Smartsol Plus Solar Controller SMASPLUS1