Solar Rated Automatic Air Vents

Large solair 31


Inta's range of solar rated automatic air vents and safety relief valves are the ideal choice for keeping solar thermal systems efficient and safe. Our solar rated automatic air vents are available as a stand alone item or with a high temperature rated isolating ball valve to carry out routine maintenance or replacement whereas our solar rated safety relief valves are available in a choice of three pressures and a 1⁄2” body.

  • Keeps solar thermal system efficient and safe
  • AAVs available with and without isolating valve
  • Removal of air increases efficiency and decreases wear
  • AAV working temperature 160°C with peaks of 180°C
  • SRVs supplied in three set pressures in a 1⁄2” body
  • Available in three set relief pressures
  • Prevents over pressure in solar systems during fault conditions SRV working temperature -20°C - 160°C

Product Range

Description Code
Solar rated automatic air vent ⅜" SOLAIR31
Solar rated automatic air vent with isolating valve ⅜" 300284