Solarlogic Twin Line Pump Groups

Large image   sl2 pg6222he   solarlogic sl2 twin line upm3 2575 low energy pump 2 12 ltr min regulation 22mm x 22mm


Intaeco’s range of twin line solarlogic pump groups are designed to connect to a pump into the return leg from the collector to the cylinder. Single line units include a temperature gauge, fill and flush connection points, an anti-gravitation check valve, safety relief valve, flow meter, isolation valve, discharge connection and pump.

  • Fill and flush points
  • Circulates glycol mix fluids in solar thermal applications
  • Check valve for anti-gravitation
  • 6 bar safety relief valve
  • 0-10 bar pressure gauge
  • Isolating valves for both upper and lower system sections
  • 2 - 12 litre flow regulating valves
  • Available in 22mm, 22mm x DN16 & DN16 x DN16
  • Maximum water/glycol mix 50%
  • Maximum run temperature 130°C
  • Maximum peak temperature 150°C

Product Range

Description Code
Solarlogic Twin Line 22mm SL2-PG6222HE
Solarlogic Twin Line 22mm x DN16 SL4-PG6574HE
Solarlogic Twin Line DN16 x DN16 SL24-PG7575HE