About Inta

Inta is the UK’s leading manufacturer of anti-scald bathroom products and a major supplier to the heating and plumbing industries. Launched 12 years ago with a goal to make bathrooms safer, whilst remaining stylish and comfortable, Inta’s anti-scald agenda and commitment to energy efficient products has positioned it at the forefront of bathroom innovation.

Offering one of the widest and most diverse tap and shower collections on the market, Inta’s range comprises everything from traditional to contemporary, with products featuring thermostatic anti-scald protection and water saving handsets. Dedicated to quality, safety and style, Inta has earned itself a reputation as one of the best and most considerate bathroom product manufacturers in the UK.

In addition to safe and stylish bathroom products, Inta also launched its industry-acclaimed heating and plumbing arm three years ago. Covering everything from magnetic filters to thermostatic radiator valves, Inta has the products and high stock availability demanded by the markets it serves.

Intatec Limited are approved under the terms of the scheme for Management Systems to ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 45001.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy Statement

In determining this policy, the management has considered the purpose, context, its strategic direction of the business, boundaries, applicability of its management systems, external and internal issues, the requirements of relevant interested parties, plus the products and services provided.

The management of Intatec Ltd will monitor its performance and will manage its business to provide for: continual improvement and compliance with applicable legal/statutory/regulatory and other requirements (appertaining to the product and/or service and the company’s own requirements) and as far as is reasonable and practical, ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its employees, other parties working under its control, visitors and neighbours. The
management will also endeavour to determine the environmental aspects of its activities, products and services that it can control, those that it can influence and their associated environmental impacts, considering a life cycle perspective. In addition to improving its environmental performance and on a continuing basis, for the purpose of preventing pollution, protecting the environment and minimising the use of resources.

The scope management systems at Intatec Ltd encompass the following:

The management of the design / development and supply of components used in heating and plumbing systems, including renewable energy capture; solar; under-floor; geothermal and water treatment products to original equipment manufacturers; building and plumbing merchants and distributors.

This will include:

  • As an innovative manufacturer of products which can help maximise the efficiency of plumbing installations, Intatec is approved to ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 9001 in respect of its operational standards.
  • The identification of business risks and associated mitigation controls, taking into consideration: external and internal issues, plus the requirements of relevant interested parties.
  • Analysis of company data, such as results of internal/external audit findings, customer feedback, environmental, health & safety and non-conformities records etc.
  • Ongoing analyses of data to identify adverse trends, implement corrective measures, set improvement objectives and targets and to provide for continual improvement and implementation of preventive measures throughout the Company.
  • Proactive approach to specific customer and market needs.
  • As far as is reasonable and practical; provide a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, other parties working under its control, visitors and neighbours.
  • To improve its performance in areas which have a significant impact upon the environment, such as the use of energy, fuels, chemicals, materials, water, and generation of waste etc.


Russia-Ukraine Statement

The condemnation and imposition of sanctions on Russia and Belarus in response to Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine will have enormous implications and an impact on global trade, particularly on commodities, for years to come. The effect of the war on the building material supply in the UK is still to be determined. However, the region including Russia, Ukraine and Belarus accounted for only 1.25% of building products imported into the UK last year.

Intatec Limited is committed to ensuring that products which we supply are not manufactured using any material sourced in Russia or Belarus.