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Looking Ahead to A Busy Season

As we enjoy a productive and exciting summer period – complete with new product launches and more face-to-face time with our clients – an even busier season is just around the corner.

The last few months have been fantastic, in particular as they have allowed us to reconnect with our clients face-to-face in a safe environment. We are, of course, continuing to work in a COVID-safe manner, but it has been great to see people in person once again.

We have also launched the iPulse Heat Interface Unit (HIU) control and monitoring solution, which empowers heat network operators with greater control over their network, while saving time and money.

The iPulse has already been nominated as Product of the Year at this year’s H&V News Awards – recognition of it’s forward thinking, fresh approach to HIU solutions.

We are also nominated in the Covid Frontline Achievement Award this year for our work as a company and in the community over the last 12 months.
This double means it is now 11 years of concurrent nominations as a company!

We are looking forward to the event in November – fingers crossed for more success after last year’s win for our Hiper II HIU.

There is plenty more going on over the next few months, starting with our return to the Installer Show at Coventry’s Building Society Arena on Tuesday September 28th. We will also be returning to PHEX at Stamford Bridge on November 17th and 18th.

Trade shows are crucial to our industry and offer us a chance to learn more about what customers want, as well as interact with our peers.

We will also be supporting Quality Plumber Week this year, which runs from October 11-17th – keep an eye on our social media pages for giveaways and more around that time!

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Staffordshire plumbing company sponsors sporting event

Cynthia Fisher with the Zilmet trophy for perfomance under pressure and a Trent100 paddler.

Sponsorship renewed and 2020 endurance challenge finally set to get underway

The 2020 Trent100 stand-up paddleboard (SUP) endurance competition event will finally get underway on Friday 30th July.
Just like the European Cup and the Olympics, the pandemic caused postponement of the 2020 event, which sees two dozen or so teams participate in the UK’s longest team endurance challenge for stand-up paddleboarders.
Billed as the UK’s most thrilling Team Paddle Challenge, the Trent 100 has been sponsored since 2017 by leading anti-scald bathroom products manufacturers Inta and Zilmet. The spectacle begins from Great Haywood, near the sponsors’ headquarters and covers 100km of fast water, finishing in Nottingham city centre. 
Dave Mistry Pain of the Trent100 organisation team, said: “The Trent100 vision is to light a fire under all budding SUP explorers to join us on our quest to find the perfect challenges and adventures.
“We are grateful to Inta and Zilmet for renewing their support to the competition once again and we’re really excited to get back on the water.
Cynthia Fisher, Director at Inta and Zilmet, said: “The Trent100 is a fantastic event and has a global appeal for lovers of endurance challenges. I’ve always enjoyed being at the start to see them set off.
“The paddleboarders create quite a spectacle en route along the river and as well as looking like hard work, it also looks like everyone is having a great time. I’m thrilled that the event has survived the pandemic and that we’ve been able to help.”

Inta is one of the UK’s leading bathroom, plumbing and heating equipment manufacturers and has been developing and producing products for more than 15 years. It is renowned for its Intamix thermostatic mixing valves. 

Zilmet, a group company, is an internationally-renowned – and Europe’s largest – expansion vessel and heat plate exchanger manufacturer. 

Images from previous event

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The Perils of Dating

By Stuart Gizzi, MD at Intatec

The brassware industry works within a framework of regulations and guidelines that are designed to ensure that manufacturers make the very best taps, valves and showers they can and that specifiers understand exactly what they’re getting. UK manufacturers have a good reputation for compliance, with products being well made and properly tested and certified. 

Before COVID our engineers at Inta were sending new products over to the certification bodies for testing and things were normal. We know that normal stopped happening in March and as some of us manufacturers ramped back up again, we hoped that the testing regimes would too. 

The thing about product testing is that the certification has a start date, but it also has an end date – before which point you would usually resubmit your product for a retest, or send over the new and improved version for testing. Unfortunately, response from the testing bodies has stopped. The products and messages we send are disappearing into the ether. We know that everyone is in the same position and that the testers must have a growing backlog of products. 

There are implications for the launch of new products, which I can’t see a practical way around at the moment, but for products where the certification is about to expire, there is a very easy temporary fix, and that’s for the testing bodies to grant an extension on expiry dates, just like the government did for MOT tests on cars. Maybe 6 months, maybe 12 – however long it is that they think it will take them to clear the backlog. 

If you’re in the market for supplying products or tendering against strict product specifications and approvals, an expired date can have a big impact. Something that was perfectly fit for purpose last week, may fall foul of the rules this week.  

My team has tried to contact the two main testing bodies, but after a week of trying, there’s been no success. The two simple questions we wanted to ask were; Are you back at work testing again yet? And is it feasible to extend the certification expiry dates? Both of those questions currently go unanswered. So please, testing bodies, can you give us an expiry date amnesty?