30 May 2023

UK plumbers unknowingly install Inta-made radiator valves

Inta, a renowned plumbing equipment manufacturer, is making waves in the UK market with its exceptional range of radiator valves. While some valves are sold under the popular Inta brand, almost two thirds of Inta’s production is utilised for creating own-branded products for merchant groups and other manufacturers. As a result, more UK plumbers are installing Inta-made radiator valves than they realise.

Stuart Gizzi, the CEO of Inta, expressed his pride in the trust placed by other brands in their products. “Our products carry the reputation of respected brands in terms of quality and service, and we take that responsibility very seriously,” said Gizzi.

He emphasised that the intention is not to persuade installers to switch from their preferred merchant’s own brand, unless they are genuinely dissatisfied. Instead, the message is to inform them of the strong possibility that they are already fitting Inta products, urging them to consider expanding their use of Inta across a wider range of plumbing equipment.

At Inta, quality and reputation are paramount. The company exclusively partners with outlets that share their commitment to excellence and values. As a leader in thermostatic protection and energy-saving products, Inta has consistently proven its innovation and product superiority. Over the past decade, Inta has been recognised with two prestigious H&V News Awards for new products and has been shortlisted in the same category every year since 2010. Furthermore, the entire Inta range complies with relevant industry standards and holds accreditations such as WRAS and buildcert, among others.

Inta’s commitment to producing high-quality radiator valves has made them a trusted partner in the plumbing industry. Plumbers and installers can rely on Inta to deliver reliable, efficient, and compliant products that meet the demanding needs of their customers.

For more information about Inta and its wide range of plumbing equipment, please visit www.intatec.co.uk

About Inta

Inta is a leading manufacturer of plumbing equipment, specialising in thermostatic protection and energy-saving products. With a strong commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Inta has become a trusted name in the industry. Through partnerships with reputable outlets and the production of both own-branded and Inta-branded products, the company aims to provide plumbers and installers with reliable and compliant solutions for their projects.

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