ActivFlo Water Conditioner – Turbulence Explained

Laminer Flow and Turbulent Flow Laminar flow is where the flow and water moves smoothly through the pipe in layers, different flow speeds in uniform from the surface of the pipe to the centre of the pipe. Momentum convection is less, and viscous forces are higher than inertial forces. Turbulent flow is highly irregular particle […]

ActivFlo and Understanding Why Limescale Forms

Water is a universal solvent, it is also used in everyday life for cleaning, drinking, keeping us warm etc. What we see when we look at water is a clear liquid, but within that liquid are thousands of dissolved particles, mostly minerals which are a key ingredient for our everyday water. These particles come either […]

The Science Behind ActivFlo and Catalytics Water Conditioners

Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) is the main cause of scale problems. What we consider scale is known as the calcite form of calcium carbonate. Like many compounds calcium carbonate is a polymorph mineral, it can take different forms but each form is made of the same parts. H20 itself is an example of a polymorph compound, […]

The Benefits of Catalytic Water Conditioning

Treatment has other benefits too, as the treated water is no undersaturated of calcium carbonate it will want to absorb existing deposits to maintain an equilibrium. This process very much depends on a number of factors such as volume of water used, amount of existing scale deposited, however in a relatively short period of time […]

How to Size Large Commercial ActivFlo Water Conditioners

To create the turbulence for the catalytic effect the flow rate through the ActivFlo has to be within the nominal flow band parameters. Outside of that nominal flow minimum and maximum the effect diminishes . Flow rates maybe part of the system design values and already calculated, or can be measured by a water meter […]

What Is The NC250CP and How Can it Help Me?

There are a number of applications for each of our products, but it can sometimes be difficult to decipher which is perfect for your requirements. If you want a thermostatic controlled automatic tap, then this is probably the one you want. Our NC250CP Thermostatic Non Concussive Basin Mixer can assist in all manner of situations […]

Definitive Guide to Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Thermostatic mixing valves play a big part in our day to day life – even if many may not recognise their importance. They are important because they can prevent people from being scalded or burned by hot water.  Thermostatic mixing valves – or TMVs – are fittings installed within the pipe work before an outlet […]

Russia-Ukraine Statement

The condemnation and imposition of sanctions on Russia and Belarus in response to Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine will have enormous implications and an impact on global trade, particularly on commodities, for years to come. The effect of the war on the building material supply in the UK is still to be determined. However, the region including Russia, Ukraine and Belarus accounted for only 1.25% of building products imported into the UK last year.

Intatec Limited is committed to ensuring that products which we supply are not manufactured using any material sourced in Russia or Belarus.