Select the function for the Heat Interface

Estimate Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Peak Load Requirements

Step 1, select the water supply conditions

Set HOT WATER temperature (°C)
Set COLD WATER temperature (°C)
Set MIX of HOT % to COLD %

Step 2, select realistic operational conditions. Select only the outlets they maybe require simultaneously.

Ensuite Shower 7.75 Ltrs/min
Main Shower 9 Ltrs/min
Basin 6 Ltrs/min
Cloakroom Basin 4 Ltrs/min
Kitchen Sink 6 Ltrs/min
Bath and/or Kitchen Sink 12 ltrs/min

Step 3, the calculator now shows the design flow, select NEXT, and the required network operation conditions are calculated...

Estimated DHW Peak Load Flow Rate and Temperature Lift



Network or Primary Flow and temperature conditions required so that the HIU can deliver the required DHW

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