27 July 2022

To create the turbulence for the catalytic effect the flow rate through the ActivFlo has to be within the nominal flow band parameters. Outside of that nominal flow minimum and maximum the effect diminishes . Flow rates maybe part of the system design values and already calculated, or can be measured by a water meter located upstream of the conditioner.

See the table below for the ActivFlo size to resolve lime scale issues. Flow rates in M3/Hour.

ActivFloSizeFlow rates in M3/h to achieve turbulence for water conditioning
DN25010″Optimum flow for catalytic effect 337 – 500 M3/h
DN2008″Optimum flow for catalytic effect 211 – 336 M3/h
DN1506″Optimum flow for catalytic effect 109.5 – 210 M3/h
DN1255″Optimum flow for catalytic effect 75.7 – 109.4 M3/h
DN1004″Optimum flow for catalytic effect 41.1 – 75.6 M3/h
DN803″Optimum flow for catalytic effect 21.6 – 41 M3/h
DN652 1/2″Optimum flow for catalytic effect 15.9 – 21.5 M3/h

ActivFlo and ActivFlo Pro commercial water conditioning

Impressed Current Catalytic Water Conditioners, flanged and threaded connections:

  • 15 Year operational warranty
  • Catalytic turbulence combined with an non sacrificial anode
  • Preventative maintenance for system scaling problems
  • Improves water quality for Irrigation systems, commercial and industrial water applications
  • 72 hour minimum treated state
  • Max Pressure 16 bar
  • Wras approved
  • Temperature range -10C to 99C

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