3 April 2024

Inta, one of the UK’s leading heating and plumbing product manufacturers, has launched its new Inta Tenant Hub. This cutting-edge assembly has been designed to give specifiers a simple solution to water management and measurement in multi-tenant buildings.

The Inta Tenant Hub combines several essential components into one compact unit, including a stop valve, an adjustable pressure reducing valve, a pressure gauge, a Class D water meter carrier, and a double check valve to eliminate the risk of backflow. This consolidation of components into one easy-to-install package promises to significantly reduce installation times and complexity in both residential and commercial multi-occupancy buildings.

Crafted for maximum versatility, the Inta Tenant Hub can be installed either vertically or horizontally, catering to varied architectural layouts. It also comes fully equipped with a whole assembly moulded insulation cover, bolstering the unit’s durability and helping to prevent frost damage.

Neil Stead, National Specification Manager at Inta, said: “The Inta Tenant Hub consolidates our premium plumbing components into a single, efficient unit, simplifying the installation process in multi-occupancy buildings. With its stop valve, individual units can be easily isolated from the main system. The adjustable pressure reducing valve and gauge enable installers to tailor flow rates for each specific installation. Additionally, the inclusion of a Class D water meter carrier offers landlords the flexibility to choose their preferred meter manufacturer.

“Our collaboration with specifiers and installers underlines our dedication to creating products that enhance efficiency in both new builds and retrofit. We envision the Inta Tenant Hub becoming an essential fixture in multi-tenant buildings.”

The Inta Tenant Hub is certified by the Kiwa UK Regulation 4 Product Approval Scheme (KUKreg4), showing it meets the strict UK Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations.

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