ActivFlo Commercial




Activo is an Impressed Catalytic Water Conditioner that proves to be the perfect solution to hard water problems throughout industrial and commercial operations. Activo utilises a catalytic method of water treatment, inside the main body houses a unique patented catalytic alloy made from a combination of semi precious metals that react with the calcied water. As the water passes through, the natural conductivity causes the semi precious metals to react with one another creating a calcium carbonate crystal called aragonite, the smooth surface of aragonite cannot adhere to surfaces in the same way as limescale and if it were to evaporate on surfaces such as shower screens, the deposits are much easier to remove and do not require chemicals or aggressive cleaning actions.

  • 15 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Life Expectancy In Access of 20 Years
  • Help’s To Maintain System and Equipment Efficiency
  • Whole System Protection
  • No Salts or Chemicals Required
  • Quality Stainless Steel Housing

Product Range

Product Code
3/4" Activ-Flo Water Conditioner AF034
1" Activ-Flo Water Conditioner AF010
1 1/4" Activ-Flo Water Conditioner AF0114
1 1/2" Activ-Flo Water Conditioner AF0112
2" Activ-Flo Water Conditioner AF002