Adjustable Time Flow Shower Control with Anti-Block Feature



The new Inta adjustable flow time non concussive shower valve offers users complete control when installing and operating by enabling the ability to reduce and extend the flow run time. With its anti-block feature built in as standard this allows for the water flow to stop even if the push button is held in the pressed position, this helps to maintain our method of preventing misuse and water wastage.

  • Adjustable flow time ranging from 1 to 30 seconds
  • 0.5 Bar dynamic minimum operating pressure
  • Exposed and concealed versions available
  • Non concussive operation
  • Closes automatically
  • Anti-block feature
  • Simple operation
  • Water economy

Additional information

Additional information


Exposed, Wall Mounted


Timed Flow

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Adjustable Time Flow Shower Control with Anti-Block FeatureTF177CP