Anti Condensation Mixing Valves



Intas range of three port thermal mixing valves are designed for use in solid fuel boiler installations. The valve blends flow with the return leg of the system to produce a return temperature to the boiler above dew point. This prevents the formation of condensation and tar build up within the boiler casing, increases boiler efficiency and eliminates the risk of destructive thermal shock.

  • Produces a blended return feed above dew point
  • Prevents condensation in the boiler casing
  • Reduces tar build up
  • Maintains heat exchanger efficiency
  • Ideal for solid fuel boiler installations
  • Choice of two set temperatures
  • Supplied in 1″ male BSP
  • Maximum static pressure 10 bar
  • Maximum differential pressure 1 bar

Product Range

Product Code
1" anti-condensation valve with 45°C set point ACVD031002GLL
1" anti-condensation valve with 55°C set point ACVD031002GPP
1" anti-condensation valve with 60°C set point ACVD031002GRR
1" anti-condensation valve with 70°C set point ACVD031002GVV
1" anti-condensation valve with 80°C set point ACVD031002GZZ