Commercial Deaerators



The inta commercial air separators are designed to vent trapped air within sealed systems at pressures up to 10 bar.

This in turn maintains optimum system conditions, improves energy efficiency, reduces system corrosion, eliminates noise from system pipe work, extends the working life of pumps and reduces the need to manually bleed radiators.

Inta air separators feature a unique triple pass filter cartridge. As water enters the filter it comes into contact with the filter cartridge which slows the flow causing micro-bubbles of air to adhere to the steel gauze. As more micro bubbles stick to the mesh they combine to form larger bubbles which then rise to the top of the air separator where they are discharged.

  • Solid brass, lightweight and robust construction
  • Ideal for commercial & industrial applications
  • Vents trapped air up to 10 bar
  • Unique triple pass filter cartridge
  • Convenient in-line fitting
  • Nominal working pressure 10 Bar
  • Maximum working temperature 110°C
  • Fully serviceable

Product Range

Product Code
22mm Inta Air Separator IVC22
28mm Inta Air Separator IVC28
½" Inta Air Separator IVC12
¾" Inta Air Separator IVC34
1" Inta Air Separator IVC1
1¼" Inta Air Separator IVC114
1½" Inta Air Separator IVC112
2" Inta Air Separator IVC2