Commercial Dirt and Air Separators



The inta dirt and air separator, when installed in sealed central heating systems, is designed to remove any impurities in the water supply, improving system efficiency and ensuring uninhibited flow through out the system preventing costly service call outs and expensive system breakdowns.

Inta dirt and air separators feature a unique triple pass filter cartridge. As water enters the filter it comes into contact with the filter cartridge which slows the flow causing air bubbles to slow and stick to the gauze and dirt particles to fall to the bottom of the filter. Air is discharge at system pressures of up to 10 bar and system debris is easily removed via the drain cock.

  • Solid brass, lightweight and robust construction
  • Ideal for commercial & industrial applications
  • Combined dirt & air separator
  • Convenient in-line fitting
  • Vents air at up to 10 bar
  • Unique triple pass filter cartridge
  • Drain cock for dirt removal
  • Easy clean, easy drain design
  • Nominal working pressure 10 Bar
  • Maximum working temperature 110°C
  • Fully serviceable

Product Range

Product Code
22mm Inta Dirt and Air Separator CDAS22
28mm Inta Dirt and Air Separator CDAS28
½" Inta Dirt and Air Separator CDAS12
¾" Inta Dirt and Air Separator CDAS34
1" Inta Dirt and Air Separator CDAS1
1¼" Inta Dirt and Air Separator CDAS114