Commercial Thermostatic Radiator Valves



Inta’s new range of commercial thermostatic radiator valves are a comprehensive collection to suit the majority of commercial installations. To increase the fuel efficiency of your installation, our commercial TRV bodies are compatible with our EN215, A efficiency rated inta i-therm TRV valve head.

Inta also offers a complete collection of commercial lockshield and wheel head valves, with specialist valves, such as inverse and reversible valves, also included within the range.

As part of our commitment to energy efficiency in all our products, our commercial TRVs can be paired with a range of thermostatic heads; including conventional TRV heads, LST remote sensor heads, thermostatic heads with remote room stats and thermo-electric actuator heads.

  • Complete range of commercial thermostatic radiator valves
  • Available in 1⁄2” and 3⁄4” BSP
  • Compatible with our A rated i-therm thermostatic head Three bodies available – straight, angled and inverse
  • Maximum flow temperature 110°C
  • Maximum pressure 10 bar

Additional information

Additional information


EN 215:2019


Radiator Valve

Product Range

½" BSP angled TRV bodyCTRVB12A
¾" BSP angled TRV bodyCTRVB34A
½" BSP straight TRV bodyCTRVB12S
¾" BSP straight TRV bodyCTRVB34S
½" BSP inverse TRV bodyCTRVB12IN
½" BSP reversible angle TRV bodyCTRVB12R