Hiper I Discontinued Autumn 2020



The Hiper HIU is a twin plate indirect model with electronic control. The built in Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV) maintains full authroity under varying conditions while modulating to meet hte demands of both heating and hot water, with hot water demand being priority.


  • Automatic fault diagnostics with fault codes
  • Optimistic heating
  • Prepayment ready without the requirement of an addition shut down valve
  • Keep warm via the Heating PHE to prevent scaling up of the DHW PHE
  • Radiators or underfloor heating

Product Range

Product Code
Inta Hiper 45kW DHW 10kW Heating HIU Hiper 4510
Inta Hiper 60kW DHW 10kW Heating HIU Hiper 6010
Inta Hiper 60kW DHW 15kW Heating HIU Hiper 6015
Inta Hiper 60kW DHW 10kW Heating HIU Hiper 7015