Infrared Minimalistic Basin Mounted Tap




Delivering water without contact with the tap is an ideal solution where hygiene is paramount, such as public toilets and washrooms. The users presence is detected by an Infrared sensor which controls a solenoid valve to turn on a timed flow of water. This tap has been designed for use with an approved Inta thermostatic mixing valve

  • Hygienic
  • Water saving
  • Automatic calibration of the sensor field
  • 6V lithium battery with IP65 protection according to EN60529 (dependent on model)
  • Battery life: 220,000 cycles (apprx)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Vandal resistant – automatically shuts down water flow after 2 minutes if the sensor is covered

Product Range

Product Code
Infrared Minimalistic Basin Mounted Tap (Battery Operated) with --- []. IR180CP