Inta Vent Deaerator



Trapped air in sealed heating systems is a common problem in both domestic and commercial installations. This can result in noisy pipe work, increased wear on pumps and system components, cold spots in radiators, increased corrosion and reduced fuel efficiency.

The inta-vent deaerator is the convenient in-line solution to the problems associated with trapped air in sealed systems.

Fluid enters the base of the inta-vent through a wound coil of stainless steel mesh. This generates a vortex within the filter body which encourages micro bubbles to form on the mesh. These air bubbles combine and then rise to the top of the filter where they are then discharged by the air vent.

  • Automatically removes trapped air
  • Maximum discharge pressure 10 bar
  • Reduces wear on system components
  • Decreases corrosion
  • Reduces radiator cold spots
  • Eliminates noisy pipe work
  • Maintains optimum system conditions
  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Available in 22mm, 28mm, 3/4″ and 1″
  • Quick, simple, 360° installation
  • Solid brass construction

Product Range

Product Code
Intavent automatic deaerator 22mm IV22
Intavent automatic deaerator 28mm IV28
Intavent automatic deaerator ¾" IV34
Intavent automatic deaerator 1" IV1