IntaKlean 2 Magnetic System Filter




The intaKlean 2 triple action magnetic central heating filter, featuring inta’s unique double gauze non-ferrous filter, is the ideal solution to costly and unnecessary system breakdowns caused by both magnetic and non-ferrous particulate in central heating systems.

As well as separating magnetic debris and trapped air in circulating system fluid, intaKlean 2 also includes a completely unique non- ferrous filter which contains two stainless steel gauze filter tubes, one inside the other, with the magnetic filter core at the centre.

As system fluid passes into the intaKlean 2, through a combination of gravity and clever product design, it begins to circulate within the filter body. The fluid passes through the double gauze non-ferrous filter where any foreign matter is broken up or retained. The remaining magnetic debris is then drawn to the centre of the filter and captured by the 11,000 gauze rare earth neodymium magnet.

  • Unique double gauze triple action filter removes magnetite, non-ferrous debris and trapped air
  • Low profile drain valve
  • Fully removable 11,000 Gauss magnet
  • 360° installation
  • Manual air vent
  • No requirement for lid removal tool
  • 5 years warranty

Additional information

Additional information



Product Range

IntaKlean 2 magnetic filter 22mmIK2MF22
IntaKlean 2 magnetic filter 28mmIK2MF28
IntaKlean 2 magnetic filter 1 1/4" femaleIK2MF114