intaKlean Maxi Commercial Magnetic Filter



The intaKlean Maxi commercial range of magnetic filters has been designed to deliver all the benefits you’ve come to expect from an inta magnetic system filter.

Available in 2.5″ to 4″, and supplied with PN16 flanges, makes the intaKlean Maxi commercial magnetic filter range an ideal choice for both new and retro-fit installations.

The range features a manual air bleed as well as a 1″ drain plug.

With virtually limitless product life and negligible on-going maintenance costs, the magnets can be withdrawn from the filter without the need for draining down making servicing both quick and easy.

  • Protects commercial installations from magnetite build up
  • 12,000 Gauss strength magnets
  • Ideal for both new installations and as a retro-fit
  • Restores and maintains optimum system conditions
  • Decreases system breakdowns & extends component life
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • 1″ full bore drain valve
  • Fit & forget solution – negligible maintenance costs
  • Supplied with manual air bleed

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Additional information



Product Range

intaKlean 2.5" Maxi commercial magnetic filterIKMAX25
intaKlean 3" Maxi commercial magnetic filterIKMAX3
intaKlean 4" Maxi commercial magnetic filterIKMAX4