iPulse Heat Network Monitor



iPulse enables operators and facilities management to monitor and interact with heat networks and Inta Hiper II heat interface units (HIU). Performance and efficiency can be monitored remotely along with network delivery and return temperatures and much more.

INT6000401       HIU Connect Service Licence  (annual licence cost per HIU)

INT6300005P3   iPulse SmartValve electronics, gateway and commissioning (cost per HIU)

iPulse technology allows you to collect data from Hiper II HIU’s and heat meters as recommended is heat networks best practice guides and promoted by BEIS. A condition of all funding awards is that applicants/projects will be required to fulfill the monthly Monitoring and Reporting requirements as set out in the BEIS guidance document on a standardised template. This is to enable monitoring and evaluation of the benefits and impacts of the HNES Demonstrator (Heat Network Efficiency Scheme)

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  • Year on year Improved network efficiency, improving running costs for operators and users.
  • Pro-active visits ensuring that residents are not affected by outages. Cases where plant and equipment have gone down can almost be resolved before residents have become aware.
  • Developers and consultants can understand how the energy systems they design and install in buildings operate, and plan for any future improvements


Ipulse allows for real time data to be pulled from multiple buildings and heat networks in both new installations and refurbishment projects.

  • Alerts operators to component failures in the HIU as a Fault Code
  • Alerts to system problems with Error code, for example inefficiency by blocked filters or PHE, or reports inefficient high return temperatures etc.

Changes can be made remotely to the HIU programming, safety features be adjusted remotely, or simply units turned off when unoccupied.

Allows for data to be collected to allow for improved operation of the network and with the long term objective to reduce cost to residents.

Monitor licence is on an annual basis but can be opted out of at any time.

Hiper II is the only HIU on the market that has the capability to work with iPulse!

Its’s unique electronic controller is Modbus enabled and iPulse links this with the meter and billing provider and service teams


  1. Hiper II HIU
  2. iPulse Electronics box (the hardware part of the package)
  3. The Heat Meter (supplied with the electronics box)
  4. Gateway / Router and commissioning

The iPulse Electronics Box.

The additional electronics box that provides the flow of information between the HIU the Gateway which provides the internet connection for the Monitoring Plan. This will take the form of a connection box which will be mounted on the HIU,. This box is wired to the Modbus connection in the controller at our factory and also linked to Heat Meter M-Bus cable to read primary flow rates.

Metering and Billing Package.

Billing services and Energy Review plans are not provided by Inta, this will be provided by specialists in this field who will deal directly with the network operator.


The Billing Provider duties are;

  • Present and have approved the Billing Package to the Client
  • Commission the data collection services with transfer to the Cloud.
  • Provide on-going Billing services as an agreed package.


Billing Services examples

  • Monthly tariff billing with e-billing as standard.
  • Account and billing information available 24/7 as part of the billing package.
  • Credit, pay as you go or prepayment available on any unit and can be remotely disconnected as required.
  • Remote disconnection on credit when the apartment or home is vacant.
  • Open data protocol allowing change of billing provider.

Monitor agreement.

Notice of intent to withdraw from a monitor agreement would be given to Inta Service Desk (www.intatec.co.uk)  in writing 1 month in advance of the intended date of cancellation and no rebate of fees already paid would be due.

Product Range

Product Code
iPulse Monitor I-PULSE