Pressurisation Units



The inta single and twin pump pressurisation units automatically controls the system pressure in a sealed system. The unit is permanently connected to the heating system delivering water at a pre-determined pressure.

Once the system has been initially filled, the inta pressurisation units will take over and maintain optimum system conditions.

Should a loss of water occur in the system, for any reason, the pressurisation unit will detect a drop in pressure and automatically start the pump to refill the system, restoring it to the original cold fill pressure.

  • Automatically controls the pressure in a sealed system
  • Maintains optimum system conditions
  • Detects a drop in system pressure and then automatically re-fills it to a pre-set level
  • Available in both single and twin pump units
  • Supplied with a non ferrous peripheral turbine pump
  • Digital PLR controller – highly accurate compared to analogue gauges
  • BMS compatible as standard
  • Lightweight, easy to mount design
  • Simple, easy to understand ‘real world’ fault codes
  • 3 bar pump as standard

Product Range

Product Code
Single Pump Pressurisation Unit SPPU
Twin Pump Pressurisation Unit TPPU