31 May 2023

Expansion vessel manufacturers extend sponsorship for paddleboard endurance challenge

Leading expansion vessel manufacturer, Zilmet, has announced the renewal of its sponsorship for the renowned Trent100 stand-up paddle board (SUP) endurance competition.

Dubbed as the UK’s most exhilarating team paddle challenge, the Trent100 has enjoyed the support of Zilmet since 2017. The event begins at Great Haywood, near the sponsors’ headquarters, and spans a remarkable 100km of fast-flowing water, culminating in Nottingham city centre.

Dave Mistry Pain, a member of the Trent100 organisation team, expressed his enthusiasm, stating: “The Trent100’s vision is to ignite the passion within all aspiring stand-up paddle explorers, inviting them to join us on our quest for extraordinary challenges and adventures.

“We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Zilmet for renewing its support for the competition once again, and we look forward to embarking on this incredible waterborne journey.”

Cynthia Fisher, Director at Zilmet, praised the Trent100 as a truly remarkable event that captivates endurance challenge enthusiasts worldwide.

“Being present at the starting line is always a joy for me,” she said. “As the paddleboarders make their way along the river, they create a mesmerising spectacle. It is evident that their endeavour involves tremendous effort, but it is equally clear that everyone is thoroughly enjoying themselves.”

The Trent100 is poised to deliver yet another unforgettable display of stamina, camaraderie, and determination, all made possible by the continued sponsorship of Zilmet.

Zilmet, a group company, is an internationally-renowned – and Europe’s largest – expansion vessel and heat plate exchanger manufacturer.

Learn more about Zilmet’s range of expansion vessels, here: https://www.intatec.co.uk/product-category/plumbing-heating/?filter_configuration=expansion-vessel

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