Pressure Reducing Valves without Gauge



Inta’s Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV) with static and dynamic pressure control are designed to reduce fluid pressure to optimal system levels and to maintain that level, preventing damage to system components located downstream of the PRV.

Featuring our new, high temperature, easy to service our PRV’s compact design means they can be used even in areas where space is limited.

All PRV’s larger than 22mm and 3/4″ are supplied with a ‘dial up’ head, meaning the valve can easily be set by hand, without the use of a tool.

  • Available in 15 – 54mm and 1⁄2” – 2″
  • Easy to service high temperature cartridge
  • Featuring our new ‘dial up’ head*
  • AISI 304 stainless steel cartridge filter
  • Conforms to BS EN 1567
  • Controls both static and dynamic pressure
  • Designed for both domestic & commercial use

Additional information

Additional information


BS EN 1567, WRAS

Product Range

15mm Pressure Reducing ValvePRV22331500.1
22mm Pressure Reducing ValvePRV22332200.1
½" Pressure Reducing ValvePRV223305000.1
¾" Pressure Reducing ValvePRV223307500.1
28mm Pressure Reducing ValvePRV22332800.1
35mm Pressure Reducing ValvePRV22333500.1
42mm Pressure Reducing ValvePRV22334200.1
54mm Pressure Reducing ValvePRV22335400.1
1" Pressure Reducing ValvePRV223310000.1
1¼" Pressure Reducing ValvePRV223312500.1
1½" Pressure Reducing ValvePRV223315000.1
2" Pressure Reducing ValvePRV223320000.1